Webinar: Medical Records Scanning and Abstraction for a Smooth EHR Transition

medical scanning and abstracting webinar

Considering implementing an Electronic Health Records system? Facing challenges with your EHR project? Our webinar can help!

Recent research indicates that almost 50% of physician practices who have implemented an EHR system have not realized a cost savings partly because they didn’t change their recordkeeping practices, and were still using their paper records in addition to the newly created electronic records!

To help you make the transition to an EHR system more efficient, we are offering this webinar that provides best practices for incorporating scanning and abstraction as part of your EHR strategy. In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • avoid the hybrid records trap
  • ensure complete patient charts accessible electronically on your “go-live” date
  • create a more efficient path to satisfying Meaningful Use requirements
  • ensure you get maximum physician productivity and value from your EHR system
  • overcome internal barriers to EHR adoption
  • incorporate scanning and abstracting with little to no interruption of your day-to-day operations

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