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You can trust TAB, one of North America’s leading records management companies and a full-service imaging provider. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations navigate the challenges of their document imaging projects.

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  • "We now have everything filed electronically, everything is easy to access and it was all done in a timely manner. Thanks to TAB, we went from having a major problem to having a highly efficient and cost-effective solution."- Tony Aukett, CFO, Continental Paper Grading
    "During the process, issues were identified on the spot, and we worked together to find solutions. Working with TAB on this project was a great experience and this process has set the bar for future digitization projects."- Ursula Shail, Associate Director of Records, Facilities & Services, University of Toronto
    "After the conversion, we were able to recover office space previously used to store records, which was great. But the primary thing is: It was just not realistic for my staff to scan our existing paper records. We would have been behind from day one. So for me, finding a turnkey solution that enabled us to have our paper records already scanned into an electronic format before EMR implementation was just invaluable!"- Erica Buckley, Director of Health Information Management, Forest Park Medical Center
    "The high point was being able to send drawings electronically when the process was complete, and the TAB staff were very organized. They kept us up-to-date with weekly status reports, so the process overall was seamless."- Antonella Padula, Facilities Manager, Emery Investments
    Why Choose TAB for Document Imaging Services?
    TAB Document Scanning

    Whether you need consulting, outsourcing, project support or back-file scanning, TAB will use our tested project management process to ensure success before, during and after your document scanning project.

    We can help you:

    • Scan documents – either on-site or in one of our regional imaging centers
    • Determine if document imaging is right for your organization
    • Help you decide whether imaging onsite or offsite is right for you
    • Develop a project plan and help you prepare for document imaging
    • Develop a full document imaging and electronic records program

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