Document Scanning Services and Solutions

TAB Document ImagingThinking about scanning your office documents? Need to figure out the best approach to imaging? TAB can help.

As a full-service scanning company, TAB has worked with hundreds of organizations to ensure success before, during and after their document imaging projects.

Discover TAB’s complete range of document scanning and imaging services:

Our Knowledge Workers

From document preparation to scanning and capturing document information, the imaging process is labor intensive and requires an experienced team. Our knowledgeable staff have deep imaging experience across many industries and verticals. They understand the role that information plays on a daily basis in helping your organization to realize your business and operational objectives.

Facilities, Equipment and Technology

When it comes to document imaging, having the right equipment configured correctly in the right space and backed by the right technology is absolutely critical. So whether you decide to image your records onsite or at one of our purpose-built facilities, we can provide the equipment in the most efficient configuration so that your imaging project is completed quickly and accurately.

Our records centers offer a full suite of document imaging services for records of every kind, including different media types, industry-specific formats, oversized documents and more.

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